Lauren Joy Short
BSc(Hons) PgC PgD.A.Phys MIAAT

Veterinary physiotherapy, rehabilitative exercise coaching and dietary advice.
Science based with a holistic approach. Revive your animals health and wellbeing.

Revive Animal

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Holistic therapy simply means a whole body approach to relieving pain and healing from disease.

Physiotherapy treatments with exercise and diet prescription help promote the body's natural healing process, supporting the whole body during veterinary treatment plans, conservative management of injury and intense performance.

Revive Animal Therapy will provide non-invasive, evidence based treatment to help improve your animal's wellbeing.

Client Testamonial

"Lauren comes every month to our horses and elderly Labrador.

She is lovely and calm and patient, and has made such a difference to my 24 year old thoroughbred. She has also picked up problems with our 9 year old Section D, and has done a lot to help her. She has also made a huge difference to my friend's 23 year old pony.

Our 16 year old Chocolate Labrador Joshua just loves her and goes to sleep during his treatment. Lauren has to wake him up to turn him over, then he promptly falls asleep again. The regular treatments have given him a new lease of life as an elderly hooligan and devourer of all things disgusting!!!

I would recommend Lauren wholeheartedly for horses and dogs of all ages and sizes."

~ Elizabeth Johnson




Every session includes a full assessment of how your animal is doing that day. I will observe their static posture and dynamic movement. A hands on palpation and thorough assessment of joint, spinal and pelvic health, to highlight problem areas and improvements from previous sessions.


The largest part of every treatment in a hands-on, full-body massage. This allows me to assess the tissue as I treat as well as feedback through behaviour and changes to the body under my hands. I combine massage with stretching and mobilation techniques increase blood flow and range of movement. My hands are my best tool so thats why I start and finish every treatment with manual therapy.


Long wave ultrasound helps to breakdown scar tissue, adhesions and areas of fibrosis. It can help reduce swelling and muscle tension and improve flexiblity of soft tissue.


Red light phototherapy is the application of specific wavelengths of near infrared and infrared light. The best application of red light phototherapy is on wound healing as it promotes a quick recovery with reduced scar tissue. It also helps reduce trigger points, muscle and joint pain and works effectively on acupunture points for a full body release. Blue light phototherapy helps with control of bacteria in wounds and infection such as mud fever.


PEMF can help a range of issues such as aiding healing of non-union fractures, swelling reduction, easing muscle tension, promoting tendon and ligament healing and pain relief. It doesn't produce a physical sensation as it works at a cellular level, and therefore is tolerated by every animal.


TENS can offer non-medicinal pain relief that is well tolerated by horses. Perfect for helping ease conditions in animals which are senstive to long term oral pain medication. Owners can be instructed on how to set up the machine for your animal to use daily.


Once problem areas have been located, I will write a full exercise prescription on how to improve your animal's posture, muscle tone and flexibilty based on your goals, factoring in time and access limitations. I will advice on dietary support and management to promote full body health. This prescription is specific to you and your animal's goals and to help reduce chance of re-injury.

Each physiotherapy session includes a full assessment and any of the treatment modalities that your animal might need. You'll get a copy of notes detailing my findings and an exercise and diet prescription. 

An exercise plan session guides you through a variety of exercises that would benefit your horse or dog. The exercise are given for you to work on refining and strengthening and then build apon.


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Horses and animals are my whole world and helping the body through the natural healing process is my passion. My focus through school was always science, the natural world and how everything is interlinked in a complex balance. I studied for my undergraduate degree in bioveterinary sciences at The Royal Veterinary College in London, learning in depth about the body systems, biomechanics, veterinary treatments, pathology of disease and nutrition. I then went on to study a post graduate diploma in musculoskeletal injury and disease before completing my diploma in veterinary physiotherapy.

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Physiotherapy sessions:

  • £50 for horses

  • £40 for dogs

Plus additional call out charges over 20 miles from Burnley, Lancashire.

Multiple bookings of 4 or more animals per visit won't have a call out charge.

Exercise plan sessions:

  • £30 for 30-45 minutes

Plus call out if applicable and will guide you through the exercises in a prescriptive exercise plan.

A cancellation fee of £20 within 24 hours of the booking will apply.

If after the assessment, treatment is deemed inappropriate a reduced fee of £25 will apply.




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